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How do you fund a new business? 

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2022 | Business Formation & Planning

One of the first questions people ask when starting a new business is how they’re going to fund it. You may have had the business idea prior to considering the costs, and you’ve probably sketched out some of your goals and your vision for the company. Now it’s time to make sure that you have the money to make that vision a reality.

There are multiple ways to fund a new business, so let’s look at a few of the most common ones.

Letting the business grow

First of all, you may want to grow your business from a small side project into a major company. This may mean that you can simply fund it with your own assets. But it doesn’t work for all companies. Many of them, like restaurants or gyms, simply need far too much equipment and space to start this way. You need full funding upfront.

Bringing on investors

A second option would be to bring on investors or venture capitalists. You can find people who, if they believe in your idea, will be willing to financially back it. The benefit for them is that they earn interest on their investment if your business does well.

Getting a small business loan

You can also get small business loans, and there are some options to do this through the Small Business Association or potentially through your local bank or credit union. Loans do represent a certain amount of risk, and that’s why your business structure matters. You may not want to take on personal liability for this financial risk.

As you get everything in place, just be sure you know about the legal steps you’ll need to take.