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How to protect your trademark 

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2022 | Trademarks

Branding is essential to the success of any company. Over the years, you’ve worked hard to establish a good reputation. Your logo and slogan are recognizable to consumers. It’s a large part of why new customers arrive and others come again. 

Such items are tangible. They are often referred to as trademarks, and there are ways that you can legally protect them. Outlined below are some essential things to remember. 

Start off on the right footing 

If you’ve had a recent idea or are looking to rebrand with new logos, you must ensure that your plans are original. Trademark disputes frequently arise out of confusion. 

You may legitimately believe that you’ve come up with something new, but a rival firm may have already registered a similar logo and slogan. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has a facility that allows you to conduct trademark searches. This way, you can find out what has been registered and avoid any confusion. Starting off on the right footing is vital to trademark protection. 

Do you need to renew your trademark? 

Once you have registered your trademark you do have protection, but it’s vital to continue to monitor your trademark and use it consistently in commerce. After 10 years, to renew your trademark protection, you’ll need to contact USPTO and notify them of your intentions. 

Trademark protection is pivotal to the success of your business. Your intellectual property is a tangible asset that can be secured. If you are unsure about your intellectual property rights, or if a dispute has arisen, make sure you look into your legal options