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When should you obtain a trademark?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2023 | Trademarks

Businesses and inventions are constantly being introduced. Most individuals take time to develop new ideas, but some opt to use other people’s intellectual property without their permission. Luckily, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) offers protection for ideas, symbols, designs, words, phrases or any other thing that distinguishes one from others in the market.

But when should you obtain a trademark? This guide provides in-depth information to help you make the right calls.

As soon as possible

You should start your trademark application process as soon as possible due to the processes involved. Before you can register your idea, you need to search to know if there is a similar one in the database.

The Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) has millions of records. Thus, searching may take a significant amount of time. But with a plan, you can reduce the time. You can design search codes and classes to only go through records close to yours.

If your idea is not in the system, you can start the application process. First, you need to create a USPTO.gov account and verify your identity. You will then fill out forms and pay the required fees. The time it takes to upload forms will depend on your accuracy. Thus, if you provide correct information, the process may be faster. Upon submission of your forms, you will wait for a stated period for your trademark to be registered officially.

Why should you register sooner?

Earlier trademark registration ensures that others can’t infringe on your idea. Besides, the chances of two people coming up with the same invention is higher. Thus, protecting a brand sooner, even before making it public, may be your best option.

Trademark search and registration can be complex. It will help to get professional guidance to protect your intellectual property.